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I'm sorry everyone! ;u; I was tagged by a Froz - :iconafrozenheart:

1.) Name:


2.) Name backwards:
Acissej (pronounced Ahk-ih-sej, and yes my family has used this on me)

3.) Were you named after anyone?

4.) Does your name mean anything?
Apparently it means "God sees" and also "wealthy". The latter of which, I am not, at least monetarily. :'>

5.) Nick Name(s):
Jess, Jessica-ca (sounds like a bird call), JeBOMB-BOMB, Jess Monster, Jessicasicasica -- all things my personal friends have called me

6.) Screen Name(s):
TheMeekWarrior/Meek, previously EccoGeek/Ecco

7.) Date of Birth:

8.) Place of Birth:
Saint Paul, MN

??? wHERE'S nine
It's somewhere around here... *looks underneath annoying white dog* Eh maybe not.

10.) Current Location:
Oakdale, MN

11.) Sign:

12.) Religion:
Christian; Biblical, non-denominational.

13.) Height:

14.) Weight:
130 lbs

15.) Shoe Size:

16.) Hair color:
Naturally blonde, preferred mahogany brown.

17.) Eye color:
A stony blue color with slight green around pupils.

18.) What you look like:
Like a 17-year-old, apparently. -__-

19.) Innie or Outie:

20.) Righty, Lefty, Ambidextrous:

21.) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other:
Straight, but not interested.

22.) Best friend(s):
My friend Andrew. He brought me to Christ when I was 17, and we've been good friends since then. We've pulled through a lot of crap, and we're kindof ridiculous together. Best friends

23.) Best friend you trust the most:
That's kindof an unfair question. I have a lot of friends that I can depend on and I value them all, but when you get to that transition period when everyone is moving away, you kinda don't know who your real friends are until they prove themselves true to their word. Andrew has stuck with me through a whole lot, though, and I'm sure a lot of my friends will stay in contact with me through the years.

24.) Best friends {your sex}:
:iconamummy: because she is nice and cool and understanding. :grin:  She's an awesome artist even though she probably wouldn't agree, and she puts a lot of thought and research into her work and her story concepts. She is also a good friend, and she tries her best to entertain me when I come over even though she doesn't have to. ;u;

25.) Best friends of the opposite sex:
Andrew, duh. :P

26.) Best Bud(s):
These questions are kinda really redundant. :?

27.) Boyfriend/Girlfriend:
Never had one.

28.) Crush:

29.) Parent(s):
Nicole and Paul (my dad being deceased)

30.) Worst Enemies:
Omega Flowey. Dignity laugh When he shows up, you know everything's gone to Hell.

31.) & 32.) Favorite on-line Guy(s)/Girl(s):
I have a lot of awesome online friends, but :iconlilaira: :iconkrysiilys: :iconafrozenheart: :icondaffodille: are some artists that I look up to, and are probably some of the coolest artists here. c:

33.) Funniest friend:
Andrew -- he's like a living anime character for crying out loud.

34.) Craziest friend:
I don't make friends with crazy people, but I think all of my friends are a tad crazy sometimes. c':

35.) Advice Friend:
I have a lot of friends I go to for advice, most of them being old peers and mentors from missions work, and old church friends.

36.) Loudest Friend:
My friend Adam, probably. He doesn't have an inside voice. XD

37.) Person you cry with:
Anyone close that I feel to be safe.

Do You Have...

38.) Any sisters?
One younger, Amanda.

39.) Any brothers?
One younger, Kyle.

40.) Any pets:
The family cat Autumn, and my two budgies Mimi and Bubbles.

41.) A Disease:
I'm slightly anemic if that counts for anything. :'D

42.) A Pager:

43.) A Personal phone line:
Don't need one?

44.) A Cell phone:
Moto X - Android

45.) A Lava lamp:

46.) A Pool or hot tub:
I wish. :<

47.) A Car:
A black 1999 Honda Accord. I named him Dante after the character from Devil May Cry. :D

Describe Your...

48.) Personality:
Quiet, friendly, adventurous, chaste, bashful, 

49.) Driving:
Havent yet

50.) Car or one you want:
My car is a good car, though when I first got it, it had tons of problems. The transmission and subframe have been replaced since I got it, the transmission being free since it was found out within a week of me buying the car. It has the occasional scare because of lose wires and such (engine light on for literally no reason), but other than that, the car runs smoothly and no weird sounds or smells. It's lost some coating on the outside so it looks a little blotchy.

51.) Room:
I try to keep it clean, but it doesn't stay that way. I'm too scatterbrained to put stuff back where it belongs right away, but I always know where to find everything.

52.) Mmh:
Is apparently a rocket propellant. Thanks Google.

53.) School:
Not in school anymore! Wasabimote riding sushi

54.) Bed:
Has super old sheets and is never made up so that I can get into it easier at night. It's a handmade loft bed that gives me just enough room so that I can duck under the ceiling when I get up, and I don't need to worry about falling because I don't move in my sleep. The mattress is over 10 years old and is probably the reason for my neck and back aches...

55.) Relationship with your parent(s):
I have a good relationship with my mom, but we've never really been close. I don't think that'll ever change, unfortunately.

Do You...

56.) Believe in yourself:
Not really.

57.) Believe in love at first sight?:
Absolutely not. I think attraction is something that should be a secondary factor in choosing a companion. I've only ever been attracted to someone after being close to them, with things like friendship and character and trustworthiness coming first. Love is something you nurture with intention from a motive of caring and concern for that person and who they are. Not something that pops up one day out of nowhere.

58.) Consider yourself a good listener:
Yes. I'm definitely not a good talker. :'D

60.) Get along with your parents:

61.) Save your e-mail conversations:
No, not anymore.

62.) Pray:
Yes, though it's been harder to do so lately. Trying to trust God in the midst of a lot of things I really don't understand, unfulfilled promises and crushed hopes.

63.) Believe in reincarnation:
No. That's a Hindu thing, isn't it?

64.) Like to make fun of people:
No, though Andrew appreciates it when I do it to him. He likes roasting people. Haha

65.) Like to talk on the phone:
Depends who it's with. I'll gladly talk to friends, but if I have to call an insurance company or something I gotta get psyched up first. :iconnervous-laughplz:

66.) Like to eat:
Yas. Hungry 

67.) Like to drive:
It's okay.

68.) Get motion sickness:
Only if I read in the car.

69.) Eat the stems of broccoli:
Yes. Don't waste them! D:

70.) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork:
No! I'm not dirtying a fork for that! Lol

71.) Dream in color:
Yes, definitely. I remember a lot of my dreams.

72.) Type with your fingers on home row:
I chicken-peck. I chicken-peck quite well, I think.

73.) Sleep with a stuffed animal:
I don't have them anymore. I do love stuffed animals, they just kinda take up space. ;u;

What Is...?

74.) Right next to you?
An empty coffee cup (sigh) and some gummy worms.

75.) On the walls of your room?
A corkboard, a whole lot of nothing, and some random tiny bird poops from the budgies.

76.) On your mouse pad?
I only use one when I play Minecraft at a friend's house, but it's all black.

77.) Your dream car?
Don't really have one, don't really care. bunneh icon17

78.) Your dream date?
Dunno. I don't think about this stuff. It probably won't happen.

79.) Your dream honeymoon spot?
See above question.

80.) Your dream husband/wife?
I don't have a huge list of set standards. But he would have to know the Lord, love animals, like videogames, like being active and doing stuff outside, and have qualities and differences that would help me build myself and me him. He'd also have to be caring and Christ-like to everyone, not just me. Even if he did exist, I probably wouldn't be pretty enough for him.

81.) Your bedtime?
Anywhere from 9:30pm to 11:00pm on a normal night.

82.) Under your bed?
Because it's a loft bed, I have a storage container, a tiny vacuum, a file cabinet, and some art stuff under there.

83.) The single most important question?
Who is God?

84.) Your bad time of the day?
The desperately short hour between waking up and getting to work.

85.) Your worst fear(s)?
Ending up alone and not being strong enough to handle it.

86.) The weather like?
Sunny, slightly chilly.

87.) The time:
10:32am. I should be getting ready for church. D:

88.) The date:
May 1st.

89.) The best trick you ever played on someone?
Lately, scaring my little sister by knocking on her door, running away, and then appearing after she opens the door. Only to have Andrew pop out and scare the wits out of her. cx (She loves it, don't worry)

90.) The weirdest food or drink that you like?
Soymilk in a can looks pretty weird. But it's tasty.

91.) Your Theme Song?
If anything -- [link]

92.) The hardest thing about growing up:
Learning who's really going to be there for you.

93.) Your funniest experience?
Random moments with Andrew. We do things sometimes that make us laugh until we cry, and then later we'll never remember why it was so funny in the moment. c':

94.) Your scariest moment?
I once jerked myself awake from a nightmare. I don't remember what it was about, but my heart was pounding out of my chest, and it felt like something was staring at me from nearby. My bed is near the ceiling, so it must have been pretty tall.

95.) The silliest thing you've ever said?
Idk? I'm pretty good at pun jokes somehow, but I'm ashamed of myself for it. X'D

96.) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of someone?
Jumping up and down in the middle of a grocery store when they're walking away thinking you're lost? XD

97.) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend?
When I spun out on a slippery bridge one night, while driving Andrew home because his car was out of commission. I landed pretty close to a wall, but only did some damage to a construction sign. No damage was done to the car, thankfully, and we were both safe. I didn't need to get towed, either. ;u;

99.) The best feeling in the world?
Having hope for happiness and a future.

Not tagging anyone because I don't even know if anyone bothers reading these and I'm late for church. ;u;
  • Listening to: Undertale OST
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Hunter X Hunter
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Gummy Worms
  • Drinking: Coffee


Sorry for the lack of activity lately.

I've been busy with a lot of things, quite a few changes are happening at once and I'm feeling very tired for no reason. I'll try to get commissions done as soon as I can. Also expect to see some owl statuettes painted and posted up soon!
Thank you to the wonderful anon who gave me a 1-month Core membership! ;u;
#yey #subfolders #hashtagsyo
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...

S H O U L D   B E   O U T   E N J O Y I N G
T H E   N I C E   W E A T H E R.


Jessica Ballard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Some Stuff About Meek!

• Christ-follower •
• Aspiring game concept artist •
• Clumsy & awkward •
• Currently a logistics clerk •
• Animal lover •
• Dislikes make-up and girly stuff •
• Casual gamer, Playstation kid •
• Quiet, but friendly •
• Does Taekwondo •
• Coffee drinker •
• Favorite color is cerulean blue •

~ My Testimony ~
As a kid, I learned to hate the idea of god, for the things people did in the name of their religion, and the things people did while hiding behind the idea of forgiveness and grace. I saw god as a crutch and a lie, which people used to make themselves feel better. I had always wanted to be a person of good morals, and felt like there was a reason I was supposed to be alive, but I felt alone as well -- crazy, even -- since I didn't know other kids who really cared about being a goody-two-shoes as much as I apparently did, and none of my friends really understood my deep need for a destiny. Religion was stupid to me. I tried philosophy, but it was too relative. I believed there was a universal truth out there, somewhere, and that everyone had their own guess as to what it was, but no one really knew. I felt like I was waiting for it to find me.

My dad died suddenly when I was 15 because of a household accident. My mom was left to raise me and my younger brother and sister. I felt lost then more than ever. My mom tried to take us to church one day, but my brother and I reacted in anger and hurt; it was the last thing we wanted. Still, in my desperation, I wondered if maybe I was wrong, and there was a god that could help me through a world without my dad. But I remained closed off from the idea because of the fact that if there was a god, he let my father die, and let our family be hurt. My dad had always believed there couldn't be a god if so many bad things were happening in the world.

A year later, I met someone from a different state named Andrew. He didn't make the greatest first impression, teasing me and cheating off my homework, but over the course of us trading work sheets and doodles and mutually-liked anime, we became good friends. Eventually, I learned that he was a devout Christian. I was baffled, since he'd never said anything to condemn me nor my atheist friends, and confusion turned to curiosity. It made sense since he didn't constantly talk dirty or party like the other guys at school, and actually seemed to care about people and animals. One day, he invited me to come to his youth group, just to check it out and get an inside perspective. No one had ever asked me in respect of my views before, so I thought I'd go just for his sake. It was awkward sitting there during worship, but the people there were nice, and I felt like I could relate to the message being spoken that night. Andrew also invited me to come to church for the first time. I didn't have to dress up or anything, since the church was like a friendly little coffeeshop. I was surprised when he sat out of service with me just to share with me what made his faith real to him.

The more I talked to Andrew and went to church, the more I realized that the God he believed in was nothing like the god I'd heard so much about. The God he knew wanted people to love eachother and give generously to one another, to keep sexually pure but also to know that they are human, though able to live in actual righteousness because of the power of Christ. The idea seemed more and more charming, but I was still afraid to put my trust in it. When I told Andrew about it, he wanted to know why. So on Martin Luther King Jr. day, we had our first official hang-out day at the hotel he worked at; we had the computer room, pool, and breakfast room all to ourselves. I remember sitting in the big empty room while he talked to his mom (also his boss at the time), and seeing Haiti on the news. People were worshiping God even though they had just lost so much in the earthquake, thankful for their lives. I remember feeling almost ashamed. While we putzed in the computer room, he showed me a video of the song "No One Else" from the concert/conference he'd been to that winter, which he'd told me was part of what solidified his faith. The words "Now I have a purpose, now I have a destiny" resonated with something in me -- I hadn't told Andrew it was the very thing I was looking for. A lot of coincidential things happened that day -- too coincidential. So I felt I should start our conversation about why I was afraid to believe in God. I told Andrew about what happened to my dad, and about all the bad stuff people did that made me believe that what my dad said about god was true. He reacted not defensively, but almost with awe, because his life sounded a lot like mine. He too was an atheist and lost one of his parents, and was dragged to Minnesota because of legal stuff. He went to youth group just to get away from family drama, and soon he had an experience that let him know that God was there with him in that hard place in his life. After we'd shared stories, he felt that God was telling him to pray for me, and for the first time in my life, I accepted prayer. He prayed that I would seek God, and though I never would have done so before, I was intent on seeking the God that saved my friend and promised me a destiny.

I was not disappointed.

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