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...I want to tell you guys what happened to me over the past couple weeks. :D

So, I had to replace my subframe on my 1999 Honda Accord. I was told it would be $800 to fix it, if I got a used part. In order to get a brand new part, it would be well over $1,000, which, with my funds, I could not handle. I took my car in to my usual place and left it there for about a week, getting to work via a gracious friend of mine who was willing to get up at 3:30am for me. In that time, they ordered three used parts, none of them fit to replace the old one, as they all had rust spots. I missed a few days of work because of my lack of vehicle, and also quite a few hours, up to this point, all for nothing.

After some searching, I found another body repair shop nearby. They estimated $650 for the subframe replacement, but wanted to see it to be sure. When I brought it in, they found a bad axle as well, something my usual place missed, and said it would only add on $100, which was still reasonable to me; I was just glad it was $50 less than the $800 I would have been charged for the subframe alone.

The next morning, I opened a letter that was sitting on my floor, which I'd figured was just another ministry asking for donations (I get a lot of those). But when I saw what was inside... I couldn't believe it. Someone had written me a cashier's check for $1,000. I was in tears. I had no idea who'd sent it to me, no name on the envelope and I know hundreds of people through missions and church. I was amazed and awestruck, that someone had sent me this money. I could afford the $800 replacement. I didn't need it. But yet, with this money, I figured I could pay for the repairs and then pay off my college like I had planned to with the money I've saved since starting shuttle driving. It was nothing short of a miracle to me. Supernatural provision. I didn't know who it was who wrote me that check, but I had never felt so humbled in all my life. I can't think of anyone who I know would do this for me, except God Himself.

After dropping off my car at this repair place, I discovered three missed calls on my phone as it was on the charger. When I contacted the place the next day, the supervisor told me they had made a grave mistake quoting the estimate for my vehicle. They would have to take out the steering rack as well (I think that's what they said), which would add on another 4 1/2 hours -- amounting to around $1,000.

When the supervisor said that, I knew this had to be a God thing.

He had given me enough to write off this huge price tag on this repair job, that I didn't know I'd be dealing with.

And my bank account suffers nothing.

If you want proof, here it is:

The check...
11174266 1009779425701898 6243896331717788255 O by TheMeekWarrior

...and the final repair price.1796747 1012385112107996 8060750574356619527 O by TheMeekWarrior

God is faithful. Peace out. Sign Emoji-09 (Peace) 

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Jessica Ballard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Some Stuff About Meek!

• Christ-follower •
• Aspiring game concept artist and short-term missionary •
• Kindof awkward •
• Currently works as housekeeping/shuttle •
• Animal lover •
• Hates make-up, the color pink, and frilly things •
• Playing videogames since the age of 5 •
• Quiet, but friendly •
• Dabbles in taekwondo & guitar •
• Coffee drinker •
• Favorite color is cerulean blue •

~ My Testimony ~
For the first 17 years of my life, I was a proud atheist. I was the kind of person who wanted to find my destiny and be a good person, without any sort of faith. I believed there was too much evil going on in the world for there to be a "god", and that most if not all Christians were judgmental, self-righteous hypocrites. But when I lost my dad at age 15 in a freak accident, my world came apart, and I questioned my beliefs in my desperation, briefly wondering if maybe there was a god that would help me through a world without my father. One year later, I became good friends with someone from out-of-state, who had a lot in common with me. Over the course of our friendship, I eventually learned that he believed in God, and grew curious; he wasn't crazy or fake at all, like most other Christians, I thought. One day, knowing my views and wanting to give me an inside perspective, he invited me to his church. I decided I'd go just for his sake. He demonstrated genuine concern towards my reasoning, one time even sitting out of a service to talk to me about what made his belief in God a solid thing. When I told him I was still skeptical, he asked to have a heart-to-heart chat, and so I told him what had happened to my family. It turned out, as he shared, that his story was shockingly similar to mine. With some other things happening that day which seemed no coincidence (people in Haiti praising God on the news after losing everything, him showing me a song on Youtube about God giving me a destiny without him really knowing its significance), I felt I had no reason not to believe in God anymore. He then told me he felt that God wanted him to pray for me. And I did something I never thought I'd ever do before -- I accepted.

So here I am today, with two years of local missions training under my belt and hoping to make a difference in the world. I've grown a lot since that winter of 2010, but I know I still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn. Giving up my commitment to my missions team to take up a not-so-enjoyable secular job has been hard for me, as well as losing my home church to division and having to work Sunday mornings, but I'm praying that it'll help me get to wherever God wants me to be in the future. There have been many ups and downs, but the things I have been through, and those I am going through today, I could never get through without my God. He is the only reason I will ever be able to stand and say that I will overcome, for the sake of those listening and the sake of His glory.


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